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Xtrepreneurs' Stories

This section of our website is dedicated to those who chose to overcome their circumstances and live their dreams to make a difference.

Despite various obstacles and setbacks, they chose to be more than they can be and make a positive impact to those around them.

We hope through their stories, you will be inspired and overcome the challenges in your life.

Jackie Chionh

At an early age, Jackie was involved in a car accident. The accident left him part of his brain impaired and this affected the function of his right hand. Jackie refused to let depression and misery control him. Instead, he found the strength to overcome and carve out his own path in life. In short, Jackie never gave up!

Today, Jackie is a motivational speaker and has given many talks in various schools and institutions. He has evolved and is now a close-up magician and cardistry specialist.

Life can sometimes deal us a bad hand, but we can always beyond our setbacks and strive to make a better life for ourselves.

We hope you can find inspiration from Jackie's amazing strength and story to prevail and rise above.

Click the link to see Jackie performs his magic with cards.

For more on Jackie, please visit .

Charles Barton

At 70 years of age, Charles is a multi-faceted health coach and certified naturopath. An adventurer, sportsman, and ex-squash coach, this springly Brit still plays in the National Squash League.

Charles is now on his biggest adventure of all. He is on a mission to transform the health of thousands of people with type-2 diabetics in the next decade.

Charles is now a strong advocate of the fight of type-2 diabetes through natural means. Through his revolutionary health coaching system, Charles hopes to share his system to improve the health of other type-2 diabetes sufferers.

If you have type-2 diabetes or know of anyone with it, it would be worth your while to have a conversation with Charles. To reach Charles, do head to his website. or drop us a note at



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